Nailexpert by Wartner® for the elimination of nail fungus

Fast visible results

Nailfungus-EN-INTNailexpert by Wartner is a medical device for the elimination and prevention of nail fungus or nails with inclination to fungal infections (both yeasts and moulds). It is designed for treatment of both toe- and fingernails. The intended use is for the treatment of light to medium topical onychomycosis This preparation is highly recommended to patients who are often exposed to a mycosis environment (frequent visiting of swimming pools, sport places, saunas, public showers etc.).

Dual action treatment method

Nailexpert by Wartner is a medical device offering a new targeted treatment using a unique formula (DS12 complex TM) and application brush. Nailexpert is able to eliminate nail fungus fast through:

  • Preventing growth & further spread (with the user or other persons) of the infection by creating an advanced film which avoids infection of other nails and  forms an inhospitable environment for the fungu
  • Facilitating regeneration towards a healthy nail by the moisturizing & nourishing features of its active ingredients

The mode of action to prevent further spread and growth of infection is based on film-forming silicone oils. The selected silicones have film forming properties and create a non-permeable film on nails. This film defends nails against onychomycosis and other dermatophytes. It also inhibits already present fungi from accessing to oxygen and other nutrients, essential for their growth and life (extracted from living skin and nails) by covering their surface by lipophylic and hydrophobic film.

In addition, to facilitate regeneration of the nail, Nailexpert by Wartner contains D-panthenol, which has regenerating and, in combination with glycerine, also moisturizing & nourishing properties to strengthen the regeneration towards a healthy nail.

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Easy to use application

Saturate the brush applicator and apply to the affected area and let it dry (repeat 2 times). Use twice a day. 400 applications included.