How serious are the various side-effects?

  • The appearance of a blister: this blister will disappear as soon as the wart or verruca falls off the skin. New skin will already have formed under the blister.
  • Discomfort during use: a stinging sensation may occur when the gel formulation is left on the skin. This stinging sensation will fade within 10-15 minutes after application.
  • Scars and nerve damage: this will only occur from careless use caused by not following the instructions on the information leaflet. Never use Wartner Wart Pen Wart Pen on healthy tissue, as TCA is a highly corrosive agent that will damage normal skin.
  • In case the wart is very small and the treatment is maintained too long or too frequent, TCA may cause peeling of the deeper layers of the skin. If that occurs, the treatment should be immediately stopped. Thanks to natural regenerative properties of the skin- this damage is not permanent- a new & healthy skin will form instead.
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