How to apply Wartner Cryotherapy?

Hold the blue end of the foam applicator between the thumb and index finger and squeeze until a small opening appears. Slide the opening of the foam applicator onto the stick of the applicator holder until the stick is no longer visible.
Hold the aerosol can in an upright position, away from your body and from incandescent flame, heat, direct sunlight and any electrical sources. Place the applicator holder with the foam applicator in the opening on the top of the aerosol can so that the foam applicator is no longer visible. Holding the aerosol can with one hand at the bottom, firmly press down the applicator holder with the other hand for 3 seconds (count from 21 to 23). You will hear a hissing sound whilst pressing. Remove the applicator holder with the foam applicator from the valve. The foam applicator is saturated with cold liquid and condensation will form.  This condensation is harmless.
After saturation of the foam applicator, wait for 20 sec before topical application in order to further reduce application temperature and thus ensuring a better efficacy of Wartner.
After the 20 seconds waiting time, push the applicator holder with the foam applicator lightly on the wart.
  • For Warts: use the applicator for 20 seconds
  • For Verrucas: use the applicator for 40 seconds
Ensure constant contact with the area to be treated. The foam applicator should be applied to the area for the required treatment time.  A slight aching, stinging sensation will occur as a result of freezing.  After treating the wart, wait 2 minutes before using a tissue to remove the foam applicator from the holder. Discard the foam applicator after single use. Do not reuse the foam applicator or touch the tip of the foam applicator with bare hands to ensure that you don’t re-infect the skin with the wart virus.

2 ADDITIONAL STEPS FOR VERRUCAS for optimal preparation and after treatment

PRIOR TO THE TREATMENT First, soak the foot in warm water for 5 minutes and afterwards rub the callous with the file to expose the verruca. STEP 1-4
See above. Same as for the removal of warts
After applying for 40 seconds, you could experience some discomfort when pressure or friction occurs on the treated area. You may find it helpful to protect the sensitive area with a comfort plaster which is widely available for purchase. Comfort pads not included.
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