Is Wartner Cryotherapy safe to use?

Yes, Wartner Cryotherapy is safe to use if you follow the instructions carefully; however we do not advise use on children under the age of four. CE Marked and classified as a Class II A Medical Device, which conforms to European guidelines (Council Directive 93/42/EEC) Wartner Cryotherapy has been assessed by several scientific and medical experts as being a safe method for the removal of warts and verrucas: “Wartner Cryotherapy meets all lawful requirements which serve to guarantee consumer safety”. Mr J Sleumer – Laboratory Manager Eurofill – Zaandam, The Netherlands Dermatologists confirm Wartner Cryotherapy’s safety: “The effectiveness of Wartner Cryotherapy is comparable to that of the classic technique (Liquid Nitrogen = doctor’s method) in every respect, and the freezing effect it has is similar to that obtained by Liquid Nitrogen, perhaps a little slower (20″ application instead of 3″ application), which I think is safer and less painfull” Dr J M Gray – Dermatologist – Paris, France “The expert opinion is that Wartner Cryotherapy freezing liquid can be applied by patients themselves, and therefore sold to the public freely” Dr I H Boersma – Dermatologist – Albert Schweizer Hospital – Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands
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