Is the gas mixture (DMEP) used as effective as liquid nitrogen used by the doctor?

Wartner Cryotherapy is based on the liquid nitrogen method of cryotherapy, which is used by doctors. Clinical studies have proved that Wartner Cryotherapy is as effective as liquid nitrogen.

A clinical study to compare efficacy, tolerance and safety of 2 types of cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen (LN) and dimethylether/propane (DMEP) was performed by family physicians for warts on 124 patients (174 warts). Design of the study: randomized, multi-centered, controlled clinical trial with single blind assessment. Conclusions: The results show that both cryogenic agents were >90% effective. Liquid Nitrogen has a temperature of -196ºC, whilst DMEP is -57ºC and therefore much less likely to cause deep tissue damage.

Dermatologists confirm Wartner Cryotherapy’s effectiveness: “the efficacy of Wartner Cryotherapy freezing fluid is as effective as commonly used liquid nitrogen (= doctor’s method). In case of thick callosity we remove the callosity by scraping in a gentle way and apply Wartner Cryotherapy freezing liquid effectively” Dr I H Boersma – Dermatologist – Albert Schweizer Hospital – Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands.

“The effectiveness of Wartner Cryotherapy is comparable to that of the classic technique (Liquid Nitrogen = doctor’s method) in every respect, and the freezing effect it has is similar to that obtained by Liquid Nitrogen, perhaps a little slower (20″ application instead of 3″ application), which I think is safer and less painful” Dr J M Gray – Dermatologist – Paris, France

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