What is the best way to take care of the area I’ve treated?

Make sure that the area stays clean. Do not pick at or scratch it. TCA treated skin may become hard (dead skin cells forming callus). Thick skin can be carefully removed using a file during bath or shower.

In order to protect healthy skin around the treated wart, white petrolatum cream can be applied, or a plaster can be used.

If treated wart is on the exposed/frequently used spot (like fingertip or joint), the treated area can be protected with a plaster.

Who can use Wartner Wart Pen?

Wartner Wart Pen may be used by most adults. You can also use Wartner Wart Pen to remove warts and verrucas on children over the age of four, but the treatment must be carried out by an adult. If you are diabetic, pregnant and/or breast-feeding, please consult a doctor before using Wartner Wart Pen Wart Pen.