Should I press the cold foam applicator onto the wart or verruca immediately?

No. After pressing the foam applicator into the valve for 3 seconds, 20 seconds need to be waited before application on skin. This waiting period allows the gas on the foam applicator to reduce even further in temperature, resulting in the most effective therapeutic temperature for a fast and convenient removal of the wart/verruca.

Is Wartner Cryotherapy difficult to apply?

No. Wartner Cryotherapy should be applied with precision, but it’s not difficult. The information leaflet explains exactly how you should apply Wartner Cryotherapy.

Will I get a scar from using Wartner Cryotherapy?

If you follow all the directions in the instruction leaflet correctly, using Wartner Cryotherapy will not result in scarring. Skin discoloration may occasionally occur, but will disappear over time.